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About Us

Saint Therese Learning Institute was established in 2014 by a team of healthcare professionals. We aim to raise the standard of patient care by providing quality education and producing highly qualified trainees to contribute to a brighter future for Nevadans. Our mission is "to graduate competent and professional nursing assistants who are highly-motivated to deliver quality care to Nevada's healthcare needs."

Employment Opportunities

As per US Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall employment of nursing assistants is projected to grow 9 percent from 2018 to 2028, faster than the average for all occupations. As baby-boom population ages, nursing assistants will be needed to assist and care for elderly patients.


SAINT THERESE LEARNING INSTITUTE, 6600 W Charleston Blvd., Suite 134, Las Vegas, NV 89146 is applying for initial accreditation with the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education.  Persons wishing to make comments should either write to the Executive Director of the Commission, Council on Occupational Education, 7840 Roswell Road, Bldg. 300, Suite 325, Atlanta, GA 30350 or submit their comments through the Council's website (www.council.org).  Persons making comments must provide their names and mailing addresses.


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  • 6600 W Charleston Blvd Suite 134 Las Vegas, NV
  • (702) 395-1802


We can only accommodate a limited number of students per batch. For more information about the program, start dates, rates and payment plan or to schedule a tour of the facility, call us at (702) 395-1802